Big Data and Social Cooling

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The evolution of Big Data platforms

I found this article about Big Data solutions and the cooling effect they are causing in our society.

Social Cooling is the effect that Big Data platforms are causing on our way to live the web. The rationale behind this is that, if a person knows that he/she is monitored and recorded, will most probably not behave as natural as it would be otherwise. Somehow, this is changing the way people behave in social relations.

This topic is very interesting and it is a good point of discussion with people that use their brain combined with the mouse. Something to read.

We are reaching a moment in our IT evolution where everything is recorded, logged andĀ stored. Forever.


When people realize that a job offer might no come because the wrong peopleĀ are in his/her facebook loop of friends, they will start to filter their relations accordingly.

Another important aspect of this is that systems never forget mistakes. If a person misbehaves once, he or she will have trouble for the rest of the life since everything remains logged on the systems. This is very much different from what we experienced so far and surely opens a wide set of considerations to be done.

Is it the right path to go for? Is this what we want for the humankind?

Maybe this all depends on the culture or the person, on his/her age, on education. There are people that don’t care at all about all the possible implications while others live with the constant phobia that systems are looking for them, are spying them.



Where is the truth? Difficult to be said and different to be evaluated with the poor (public) data at our disposal. We know what the company does publicly with our data (we accept terms and conditions for the solutions we use such as google account). We don’t know what else can be potentially logged (1st) and used (2nd) behind the scene.

Is this really the way we want our society wants to move to? Is this what we wish for our future? I don’t think so, what is your opinion about it?


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