Amazon Web Services X1 Instances

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Aws  released the x1 instances. The new instance type offers 128 virtual cores and  about 2 tb of RAM.

I will never stop to be susprised of this job, i still feel excited reading this stuff. I feel like my son when he sees a new toy, he just wants to play with it.

The new instance is designed to be used in big data analysis and in particular for sap hana.

I suggest to check the article, it is worth to be read.

Besides. Aws released a new guide on how to implement a new sap hana environment in a vpc in one hour.  If i am not mistaking, it has been just released

Talking to a friend of mine, he asked “yes, nice, but how much will it cost?”. It is a good question but I do believe that the point in this case, is not “how much it will cost” but it is about making possible something that it is usually impossible in most of the traditional datacenters.

Well done AWS, once again.


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