Lenovo Thinkpad T410 and Ubuntu 12.10

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 Hi everybody.


Today I have upgraded my laptop, a Lenovo T410 mounting integrated intel graphics, to Ubuntu 12.10.

As soon as the OS started I started getting errors on the xorg server about the drivers installed. The only option was to start the PC in low resolution. In addition to that many other problems were there like support for external monitors and so on.

Checking the ubuntu unity support utility the "Unity 3D supported"  was reported as No and the overall system performances were very bad.

I have luckily solved the problem in very long manner and therefore I want to write here what I have done to solve my problems hoping to help anyone having the same isse.

To start with, the drivers installed by UBUNTU (the gallium one) are not the right one, they doe their job but don’t cover all the aspects of the system configuration.

To solve the issue I have done the following.


1. Install the required packages for the next steps:

Run in a terminal the following command:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool xutils-dev bison flex libx11-dev x11proto-gl-dev x11proto-dri2-dev libxext-dev libxdamage-dev libxdamage-dev libxfixes-dev libx11-xcb-dev libxcb-glx0-dev libxcb-dri2-0-dev libudev-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev llvm-dev

This step is required in order to prepare the environment for the actual compile of the other components.


2. Go the intel OpenSource Technology website



3. In the download page, download the packages MESA, libdrm and xf86-video-intel – 2.20.12.

4. extract the content of the 3 files into separate directories.

5. Build and install of the libdrm package

sudo ./configure

sudo make

sudo make install


6. Build and install the video intel (the 3rd package you downloaded)

sudo ./configure

sudo make

sudo make install


7. Do the same for MESA (last one), it will take a very long time

sudo ./configure

sudo make

sudo make install



8. Restart your ubuntu machine. At this point, going into the system settings/details applet of your ubuntu client you will notice that ubuntu will use a new driver (and you should notice the new look and feel too!)

If everything is OK, you should have something like that:



 And, checking with the unity support check tool you should get this result:





Might you have still problems, please do not hesitate to contact me over email at mnovasoft _at_ gmail _dot_ com

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