The 777 developer

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The 777 developer

I love to develop code since I was 13 and I am now 38. Development is my life, I coded pretty much in every of the most common language. For me development is a serious business.

I always disliked the web scripting languages coming from a computer games development world and having a strong background in assembler, C and C++. I love to develop 3D engines in C or C++, I have done it. I love to write C daemons on Linux, Automation routines on my Linux machines, my containerization solution and may other deep coding solution.I simply love it. I hate to write PHP, Javascript, Django and other web scripts. I am not tailored for it. Simply hate them. Simple as that.

My main duty anyway, in the current role I cover is to be involved with 777 developers, people coming from a pure web scripting background. It is very difficult to deal with them. They believe to be master developers just because they to how to copy and paste pieces of code in already available CMSs.

Anyway, this is nowadays world. There are some which are very good (and these friends are not 777 developers), some others are terrible.

Who is a 777 developer? A 777 developer is a typical guy which comes to you with its own application and asks you to provide  hosting for it. They just tell you which stack they need and you are supposed to do the hard work.

Most typical problems with those guys is to let them understand that security is an important topic in a production environment. When they give you a package and it does not work they just tell you that “on my workstation works wonderfully”. It is there that you understand that the pal is a 777 developer.

A 777 developer is a person which sets the entire nginx or apache directory tree with a chmod 777 -r and it feels happy, it works! Who cares that this is a the most stupid way to do it. It works! Doesn’t it work on production environment? The fault is yours since you don’t know how to do stuff right. On my personal EC2 instance it goes very well, in my docker container it works like a charm, on my workstation it is perfect. You see? it is your fault. The secret is the great 777 command!

I do not expect to be working with the best developers on the market. They pretend to be the best but you can recognize that they are just pretending with a simple look at them. In the end, if you are just configuring a CMS there is a reason but, I do not expect to be  blamed if an application do not work.

A 777 developer always hides himself behind the devops trend. If fact, it is your fault if the application doesn’t run, you do not understand the devops principle.

….it is so difficult sometimes to have a professional approach with a 777 developer. Anyway I think we are paid to do it and we need to do it.

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